The Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology

VC-ammolet Spotlight 

We understand that, after loyal support and following from people, funding is the second most important resource for any growing business. Funding is particularly difficult to acquire when human beings invest in people, and your people have been perpetually oppressed and repudiated from social and economic structures that would empower and uplift us.

It is's mission to provide resources and information on initiatives that seek to empower people of color and especially Black women who are determined to provide services that enrich the lives of other Black people and in turn the entire world.

the meltwater entrepreneurial school of technology 

MEST Africa.pngACCRA, GHANA; Africa is the past, the present, and the future. Ghana's Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, MEST, understands this and serves as an incubator program for aspiring social impact technology entrepreneurs driven in creating wealth and employment for local economies in Africa. As a non-profit organization, MEST is a post-graduate prorgram focused on training and mentoring up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

MEST was founded by Korean-Norwegian, Jørn Lyseggen, in 2008. To date, the MEST incubator has invested in over 20 tech companies with specific focuses in software, SaaS, Consumer Internet, eCommerce, Digital Media and Healthcare IT.

The nonprofit attempts to connect Africa to Silicon Valley, typically offering $50k to $200k "for a minority equity interest in the business." The program offers a great value to entrepreneurs, who have access to public and private office space, networking events, startup competition support, and full-time on-site staff and business advisors.

We at really enjoyed the story of Entrepreneur-In-Training, Akua Baning, an Economics and French graduate of the University of Legon. She is in her second year at MEST, and she is particularly interested in the product developing, and particularly the process of taking a product from idea, and following it execution.


Akua urges that "It doesn't matter what you've done before," if you are dedicated to a dream of starting your own tech company or developing your own entrepreneurial endeavor, be brave, put yourself out into learning environments, and execute your dream.

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