Three natural hair Youtubers making waves, literally

Our Afro Curl Kink Is a Performance.

Kink, curl, zigzag: each is a vignette of Black identity. Our curls are the echos made from our chattering ancestors. Hair is so important, as a commodity it represents roughly half of Black consumerism. According to market research firm, Mintel, Black hair care generated an estimated $2.7 billion in sales in 2015. Our hair is literally worth billions.

Afros, braids, and weaves are only steps in the rhythm of our natural hair movement, a motion for afrocentric self-love in the face of an anti-black world. Hair as it performs has many parts to learn: porosity (how well hair absorbs and maintains moisture), protective styling (braids, twists, etc), deep conditioning (fruits, oils, commercial conditioners), hair typing (the shape and tightness of the curls), and so much more theory. More market research from Mintel reveals that from 2013 to 2015, sales in styling products increased by almost one third, and sales profits have much of the internet to thank.

Black Hair On the Internet
The following women are some of the most innovative naturalistas out on the world wide web. Their tutorials more than teach us afro-curly humans how to slay a flat twist or box braids. Natural youtubers create a performance of confidence and composed women who know how to imagine and execute styles that make curls pop to the fullest. Natural hair youtubers are capitalizing on the “do it yourself” approach to hair care; these video queens have stepped into our computer screens to offer content on hair as a valuable art, and tool for positive self-esteem.  Below is a list of Black women Youtubers who blend passion, creativity, and business by sharing their enduring journey of caring for afro-textured hair.

Photo by Whitney White, Naptural 85

Naptural85, or Whitney White, has been documenting her “natural hair journey” since 2008, when she chopped of her relaxed hair. At the time, Youtube had not yet offered opportunities to monetize with partner networks like Freedom!, Reflict Network, and SocialBlade, to name a few. Youtube has proven to be successfully profitable for natural hair gurus like White, who profits twice as much as a Youtuber than she did as an entry level graphic designer.

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Photo by My Natural Sistas Tumblr
Toni, Carmen and India are the sisters of Natural Sistas. These three lovely ladies created their platform over four years ago. Similarly to Naptural85, the sisters were interested in sharing their natural hair journey experience. Based in Houston, Texas the collective create videos on lifestyle topics such as education, nutrition, and personal training. All three sisters went to Texas State University: India has a Bachelor of Science (B.S) degree in Health Administration with a minor in Public Affairs, Toni has a Bachelor of Science (B.S) degree in Dietetics and Carmen has a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Accounting.

Photo by Mahogany Curls Youtube
Jessica Lewis  has been working on her Youtube channel,  Mahogany Curls, since 2012. Lewis started her natural hair journey in 2009 when she lived in Germany. Since, she has been developing her channel to serves as “an educational tool for natural hair… about hairstyles and styling techniques that will help you look and feel your best.”
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